Artists' Own

"Castle Crafters" Ken Valastro

Glass column visible from 2 rooms hold contemporary and ancient art

Lorie Amick's "Marbles" are safe at the Corey's

Vera Peter's Zephyrs

Sandy Daniel oil painting


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Monday-Friday 10:00 to 6:00
Saturday 10:00 to 4:00
Closed Sunday

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518 Main Street
Lafayette, IN 47901

Welcome to the Corey Home

A few unobtrusive sculptures peek out from the landscaping as you near their front door of Pat & John Corey's house. The modest facade of their warm home hints a little at the adventures in art just inside.

What becomes clear is that artwork is very central to how this couple of 33 years lives. In fact, Pat tells us, "we built our house around the art, not vice-versa". They have been collecting art since living in Michigan many years ago, first Ann Arbor, then Ludington. John, a banker now retired, and Pat, director of resource redevelopment at Ivy Tech, enjoy living surrounded by their artworks, inside and out.

When they moved to Lafayette in 1991, they already had quite a collection underway. In 1995 they moved into their current house, and let the artwork guide the design and color of rooms and hallways. The primary source for the general palette, is the painting "Castle Crafters", by Ken Valastro. It hangs in the center off the house, at the end of the dining table just off the kitchen, the usual heart of any home.

This theme of letting the art speak and guide has continued with subsequent remodeling, with the kitchen and a sunroom addition. Out back, a koi pond and kinetic metal sculptures liven up the yard. The main living room features a glassed column visible from 2 rooms, with contemporary glass art and ancient pottery floating together.

Along the living room wall we are tempted to sit at the bistro chairs just under "Seven Gold Stripes with Blue", a canyon lake scene by Bruce Aiken.

The paint choices for each room has been determined by the paintings, sculptures, photography, glass, pottery, and other artworks featured. As a result, each room has a personal gallery feel, a visual warmth, inviting pause and contemplation. This is especially evident in the living room, where the canyon lake scene sets the tone. Also, one of the bathrooms' decor responds directly to Al Knight's "McCord Candies" photo.

Artwork has come from midwestern art fairs, especially Round the Fountain and the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair. Other works come from the US Southwest, family collections, and, of course, Artists' Own Gallery.

Glasswork by Kathleen Kitch, pottery by Scott Frankenberger and Gail Johnston, and zephyrs by Vera Sue Peters are displayed imaginatively. Paintings by Sara Vanderkleed, Sandy Daniel, and Lorie Amick, and many others, catch your attention. Pat feels a big responsibility, especially, for Lorie Amick's "Marbles" watercolor. She says, "I would feel horrible if Lorie lost her Marbles, and it was our fault."

The Coreys clearly love the artwork that surrounds them every day, abundant without feeling cluttered. A sense of places visited, of inspired creations, and provocative forms greets them every day. It is a very revealing and joyful personal "museum" that they happily share with guests and visitors.

Thank you, John and Pat for sharing your home!