Kathleen Kitch

Artist’s Statement

I started working with the medium of glass in 1978. My initial interest was in stained glass. For three years I worked in a commercial studio to gain knowledge and skills of the craft. In 1987, I opened my studio in Battle Ground, Indiana. There, I created three dimensional objects of stained glass, boxes, vases and towers. I sold these works in galleries and at art fairs, primarily in the Midwest. In early 1991, I began working with kiln-formed glass, also known as fused glass. There are similarities to working with stained glass: Pieces are cut from sheet glass but are fused together in a kiln instead of being soldered together with lead or copper foil. I found this to be a more fluid way to design my work, with greater possibilities and fewer limitations of the material.

My work now is primarily kiln-formed bowls and plates, sculpture and jewelry. I work with a palette of vibrant colors, varied textures and metallic finishes. Some of my pieces are based on overlapping geometric shapes, but I also love to create more flowing and organic designs. Glass is a wonderful substance with which to work: It reflects and refracts light, bringing out an inherent quality of movement. When translucent colors and shapes overlap, they are enhanced as they change in tint and form.

I have been commissioned to create special works for corporations such as Subaru Isuzu of Indiana; the Tippecanoe Arts Federation, and the Purdue University School of Liberal Arts and have work installed at Ivy Tech Community College, the Frankfort Community Library and can be found in various private collections.

I continue to explore new ways of seeing the possibilities of my chosen medium.